Copy Skills Getting Better?

A filler post, I guess? Anyway, in recent days, I have been wanting to practice my colouring and copy skills because in case of the former, I suck, and in case of the latter, I suck… just not as badly. Anyway, in order to improve my colouring skillz, or rather develop my lack thereof, I have been talking a lot with (read: “bugging the shit out of“) a pretty awesome artist artist called Nijidono.

Anyway, as a kinda cruddy way of showing my appreciation and getting to practice at the same time, I chose one of her drawings to copy and colour, as seen below (click for bigger versions). I have a few anatomy fails (such as the hand sizes), but overall, it looks pretty good/similar, no?

Original by Nijidoni Derivative by me
We cannot display this gallery We cannot display this gallery

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