AoH Winter Ball Comic

As some of you may recall, I joined a drawing RPG called Academy of Heroes (AoH for short) back in December. Well, within the AoH universe, there was recently a ball room event and a friend of mine (fallenangelsnevercry), whose character is the love interest of my character, decided to make a winter ball comic with them in it~.

I ended up loving it so much that I decided to lineart and colour the whole thing and I just finished the last frame a few minutes ago, so decided to upload the entire thing here 8D There are 21 frames in total ;3


Elemental© Goldenwolf18
Alyssa© fallenangelsnevercry
Blaze© Hecko X (me)
Sketch & original story© fallenangelsnevercry
Lineart & colours© Hecko X

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