Hecko set to create ‘FFWiki Holiday Shout-Outs 2008’

I have been approached by some of the users of the Final Fantasy Wiki, asking me if I would create a FFWiki Holiday Shout-Out animation for 2008. While no longer officially a part of the FFWiki, I agreed to do so since they asked ever so nicely, and because I am too much of a gentleman to turn down a young lady (I’m a dying breed, man!!!).

Anywho, many have probably not even heard of the FFWiki Holiday Shout-Out, so here’s a short history session. Last year (2007), around Christmas time, I got the ‘briliant’ idea of being social (as you’ve probably guessed, I was sick at the time…) by making a collection of audio clips from the users of the FFWiki, wishing everyone else a happy holiday. Essentially, to add a more personal touch to their holiday greeting, instead of ‘just’ writing a comment.

The ‘FFWiki Holiday Shout-Outs 2007‘ flash animation has been added below since I’m also using this post as a reference in a forum. Everything in the flash has been created from scratch by me, except for the spectrum analyser (the bars going up and down), which were ActionScripted by Max Langdon of Pixel Hive Design.

The ‘FFWiki Holiday Shout-Outs 2007‘ animation was a mediocre success, with only few people actively participating. Those that did not participate were unable to either due to time restraints or lack off a recording device. However, it seems to have sparked enough interest to turn this into a potential holiday tradition, though I have no idea of how many will participate this year, if any at all. Regardless, I have begun the process of creating a new audio player design from scratch, because lets face it… the old one looks like something off a radio in one of those toddler shows on Nickelodeon. Once done, the animation will be posted on this site, around Christmas time, assuming I’m alive and well at that time.

EDIT: See the FFWiki Holiday Shout-Outs 2008 here.

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