Robert Sapolsky: The Uniqueness of Humans

So, I was watching TED (, as I sometimes do when I remember it exists >.> , and stumbled upon the talk (speach, lecture, whatever, they call them “Talks”) by Robert Sapolsky; a primatologist, neuroendocrinologist, and a lot of other -ologists.

He’s the kind of presenter I like because he has a way of slightly sidetracking, without -actually- sidetracking, by giving many diverse examples that normal people would not be able to figure out for them selves which in turn makes them interesting.

In his just under 40-minute talk, he speaks of the things that make humans different from animals, but at the same time emphasises the similarities in our “basic building blocks”, i.e. that we aren’t so different as some would like to believe. He has funny and easy-to-understand examples for all his points and the video is definitely worth a watch, so enjoy~

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