Pulling the Plug

Truth be told, when I get sick, I usually just try to shrug it off and ignore it, unless it’s really bad. This is really bad. I usually have a bad habit of not sleeping much, but for the past 2-2½ weeks, it got pushed into overdrive.

I’ve been getting maybe 1-2 hours sleep per day, until 4-5 days go by like and I finally pass out from exhaustion and ‘sleep’ around 16-20 hours; then repeat. It was so bad that today, I went to my mid-term exam and had to say that I simply couldn’t perform and requested to be failed on the spot since even my speach is slurred and not very coherent.

My mental capacity and wieght have plummited, and I am honestly worried about the strain this (sudden dramatic weight loss + extreme lack of sleep) is putting on my heart and brain. As such, I simply cannot keep up maintaining M Dash and have simply decided to pull the plug until I feel better. Thanks to all the loyal readers, you’ve been awesome and I hope you’ll be back again eventually (lulz, I hope *I’ll* be back again eventually…). Take care.

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