Now with LiveStream

I recently got an LS account so that other people could ‘tune in’ whenever I was drawing or doing sharing-worthy stuff. I’m on mostly late evenings around midnight CET since that’s where my Internet connection is mostly stabil (unless my router decides to be an über bitch…), so feel free to check in on if you want to chat with me during the broadcast. Otherwise, just scroll to the bottom of this post for a watch.

The broadcasts are also recorded and can be streamed at any time by clicking the video thumbnails at the bottom of the site. Quality is a bit… volatile… since I’m using a laptop with only 500MB RAM, which is actually below requirements XD I’ll be switching to one with 4 times as much in future broadcasts, hopefully that helps.

If you want to know exactly when I come on, either follow me on twitter ( or on deviantART ( as I will post a journal/tweet whenever I begin broadcasting.

The Stream

Watch live streaming video from heckox at

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