Readers of the Year 2009 + Stats

Like last year, I’ve decided to make a stat post and nominate the readers of the year.

For the winners of the Readers of the Year 2009… I HAVE NO IDEA!! 8D The data provided by Google Analytics is inconclusive, but if you are one of the people who’ve been to the site more than 200 times this year, you deserve this award! THANKS FOR READING, MUCH LUBZ!! And now for some boring stats:

General Stats

Up-time: Since January 1st
Total amount of visits: 3,332
Total amount of unique visits: 1,621
Total amount of pageviews: 8,188
Total amount of unique pageviews: 6,481
Highest amount of visits in a day: 29 (July 6th)
Lowest amount of visits in a day: 0 (April 4th & December 28th, server downtime)
Highest amount of pageviews in a day: 151 (August 25th)
Lowest amount of pageviews in a day: 0 (April 4th & December 28th, server downtime)

Top 5 Most

Amount of Visits from a Country

Denmark: 953 visits
United States of America: 709 visits
Australia: 645 visits
United Kingdom: 194 visits
Canada: 90 visits

Viewed Articles (amount of visits, main page not included)

FFTA2 Job Requirement Animation: 383 visits
FFWiki Holiday Shout-Outs 2008: 135 visits
Bartender: 87 visits
Genki 2009; Day Three: 78 visits
The Guestbook: 68 visits

Viewed Articles (time on page)

Argento Sōma : 00:27:25
FFTA2 Job Requirement Animation: 00:21:33
To be Cast for Reality Show: 00:15:53
Hecko Leaves Daily Draw: 00:14:52
Religion: Age of the Earth: 00:12:56

Visits from a Source

(direct): 752 visits 598 visits
google: 510 visits 304 visits 200 visits

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