Merry Christmas to All~!

Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate ;3 ) to all M Dash readers with lubz and hearts~ ♥♥♥

Being Serbian, I don’t get to celebrate Christmas until January 7th, i.e. I get no presents nau :( But that’s ok(?), since I won’t be getting anything then either… Therefore, LET ME LIVE THROUGH YOU!! T^T

Write what you got for Christmas (when you actually get it) in the comment section so I can share your joy or your “I WANTED A PS3, BUT ALL I GOT WAS A SWEATER!! >:3“-ness.

With nothing more to say, I leave you with my favourite Christmas song (Winter Wonderland) sung in a barbershop style, BECAUSE BARBERSHOP IS EFFIN’ AWESOME!! >:3

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