Collabs All Over the Place!

We cannot display this galleryEver since joining the drawing role play Academy of Heroes, I’ve been more active in terms of drawing. I still suck at it, but I’m a lot more active XP

My lineart skills have, however, improved significantly since I first started a month ago. For instances, in the collab I did with Themy and dementedmonkey, both from deviantART, I did the lineart (drawing seen on the right, click for bigger version). I deffo had the easiest job of the three since I don’t have to worry about proportions or light sources, I just have to draw on top of the lines, but I’m still pretty proud of my efforts XP

Others seem to like it too, and I’ve been invited to do another collab with them, as well as 2-3 others, so that’s pretty cool ^^ Be sure to follow my progress here and to watch my dA profile ;3

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