Layout Updates Done for Now

Okay, haven’t posted in ages… >_____>

Anywho, as the title implies, I’ve finished the layout updates for now, and by that I mean I finished as much as I cared and had time to finish. While I have started on a custom purple theme, I haven’t gotten around to finishing it; I had more important things to do. I’ll get around to it eventually. Also, some of the category pages are still buggy, but I’ll get around to it.


Here’s a basic list of the changes I’ve made.

  • Menu bar now links to index pages and categories to provide easier navigation. I still left the category dropdown though, just in case.
  • Killed off my off-site art blog and instead feature a gallery here:
  • Simplified the fan-creation gallery instructions and made the page prettier to look at.
  • Removed some stuff from the sidebar and added the random drawings box. It features stuff both from my gallery and the fan-creations gallery
  • Added excerpts and thumbnails to posts that have been missing them (though I’m only little over 2/3 way done).
  • Added a comment reply function (it appears when you hover the comment you want to reply to). I also wanted nested comments, but that doesn’t seem possible with this theme, so the reply-linking-to-replied-comment thing is the closes I’m gonna get.

And that’s pretty much that. I should be back to posting semi-regularly after tomorrow, hopefully.




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