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Okay, no. “Academy of Heroes” is a drawing RP (role play) on founded and administrated by a dozen or so artists on dA who also act as the teachers in the RP. In the Academy, there’s room for 120 students equally distributed in 6 different Houses (Houses work kinda like the school wings in Harry Potter). The students then draw their OCs interacting with eachother and doing the Academy assignments + the semester exams (the latter of which is a giant House collab)

I joined this morning upon reading about it in NeodeadlyraveR‘s dA journal since I though it sounded super fun and like a great way to motivate me get better at drawing, but was put on hold until my character was finished (I did that a little while ago now). Hopefully, I’ll get in, but until then, say hi to my OC, Blaze:

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He’s a super-shy 15-year-old who’s not really good with social interaction, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. When he gets embarrased, he hides the lower part of his face behind his House-issued scarf (he wears it around his neck normally).

He belongs to a feral species of humans and when angry, the white in his eye turns black, his pupil becomes slit, his canines become longer, and he becomes extremely “fired up” to fight (hence his name). Since he’s only a teen, he can’t consciously activate his ‘transformation’ nor control it properly.

He is blind in his left eye due to an accident he had when he was a toddler which left part of his face scarred. He’s pretty self-conscious about it, which is why he grew out his hair on that side (so he could hide it). While only having one good eye, due to being feral, it doesn’t affect his depth perception much.

He has a bit of a sweet tooth, but doesn’t like cake or chocolates much (more of a winegum&lollipop kind of guy) XP

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