Hecko Attempts Colouring Drawings

Some of you may remember the post from about two weeks back called “Learning to Clean Scans” where, after some advice from Kaiki, I attempted cleaning/tracing/inking some of my drawings to make them look better.

Anyway, I took it a step further and attempted actually colouring the drawings, since I now had digital lineart, and wanted to show the results (and also because I haven’t updated in a while and this post took like 5 minutes to make… >_> ). I didn’t get advice on this one, and I’m not at all experienced with colours and shadows/light sources, so if it sucks, that’s probably why.

They were both coloured (as well as traced) in Macromedia Flash MX, which is actually a bit of a pain since it doesn’t have blend functions, so making smooth transitions to another colour is either roundabout or straight out impossible… =.=; Should you for whatever reason actually like the drawings, they can be faved on deviantART.com (clicking the below images will lead to their respective deviantART pages where they can be faved)

Lineart Colour

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