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For sake of lulz and pure aweomes, I wanted M Dash to have had at least one visitor from every country! This page is to show the progress! Antarctica is for obvious reasons not included XD

Now for all the data. Please note that all the geographical sections has been determined by the site that measures our traffic data, so don’t complain to me about it.

One final thing to note: The data used here is from the time our site was ‘reborn’, i.e. starting on July 6th, 2008. There will be instances where you’ll see a colorless/grey check, instead of a green one. This means that we had visitors from that respective country before I (Hecko) screwed over the site, but not after I rebuilt it again. If we get a new visit from a country with a colorless check, it will change to green. Colorless checks also do not count in the above numbers of how many different countries have currently visited our site, only green checks do.

Visual Representation

Visual Representation, click for larger image

Continents (5 Continent model)

Table indicates the completion of “Sub Continents”

Americas Check Africa Batsu Asia Batsu
Europe Check Oceania Check

Sub Continents

Table indicates completion of “Countries and Territories”. If marked with an X, it means we are still missing a visitor from at least one country/territory in that sub continent. You can click the name of a Sub Continent and go straight to its respective section, to see what countries are missing.

Northern America Check Central America check Caribbean Check
South America Check Northern Europe Check Western Europe Check
Southern Europe Check Eastern Europe Check Northern Africa Batsu
Western Africa Batsu Central Africa Batsu Eastern Africa Batsu
Southern Africa Check Western Asia Check Central Asia Check
Eastern Asia Batsu Southern Asia Check South-Eastern Asia Check
Australia & New Zealand Check Melanesia Check

Countries and Territories

Table denotes whether or not we’ve had at least one visitor from that specific country. If you know someone currently in that country, have them visit our site. If you don’t know someone in that country, spam it to your friends ^_^ (In the same order as “Sub Continents”)

Northern America

Canada Check United States Check Greenland Check
Bermuda Check

Central America

Mexico Check Guatemala Check Belize Check
Honduras Check Nicaragua Check Costa Rica Check
Panama Check El Salvador Check


Cuba Check Haiti Check Dominican Republic Check
Jamaica Check Puerto Rico Check Trinidad & Tobago Check
Antigua & Barbuda Check Barbados Check U.S. Virgin Islands Check
Anguilla Check Grenada Check Aruba Check
Bahamas Check Cayman Islands Check Curaçao Check
Dominica Check Guadeloupe Check Martinique Check

South America

Ecuador Check Colombia Check Venezuela Check
Guyana Check French Guiana Check Peru Check
Brazil Check Bolivia Check Paraguay Check
Chile Check Uruguay Check Argentina Check

Northern Europe

Iceland Check Republic of Ireland Check United Kingdom Check
Norway Check Sweden Check Denmark Check
Finland Check Estonia Check Latvia Check
Lithuania Check Faroe Islands Check Isle of Man Check

Western Europe

Germany Check Switzerland Check Austria Check
Netherlands Check Belgium Check France Check
Luxembourg Check Gibraltar Check Liechtenstein Check

Southern Europe

Portugal Check Spain Check Italy Check
Slovenia Check Croatia Check Bosnia & Herzegovina Check
Serbia Check Montenegro Check Albania Check
Republic of Macedonia Check Republic of Kosovo Check Republic of Malta Check
Greece Check

Eastern Europe

Czech Republic Check Slovakia Check Hungary Check
Romania Check Bulgaria Check Moldava Check
Poland Check Ukraine Check Belarus Check
Russia Check

Northern Africa

Western Sahara Batsu Morocco check Algeria Check
Tunisia Check Libya Check Egypt Check
Sudan Check

Western Africa

Mauritania Check Mali Check Niger Check
Senegal Check Guinea Check Guinea-Bissau Batsu
Sierra Leone Check Liberia Check Côte d’Ivoire Check
Burkina Faso Check Ghana Check Benin Check
Nigeria Check Cape Verde Check Gambia Check

Central Africa

Chad Batsu Cameroon Check Central African Republic Batsu
Gabon Batsu Congo – Brazzaville Check Democratic Rep. of Congo Batsu
Angola Check

Eastern Africa

Eritrea Batsu Ethiopia Check Somalia Check
Kenya Check Uganda Check Rwanda Check
Burundi Batsu Tanzania Check Zambia Check
Malawi Check Zimbabwe Check Mozambique Check
Madagascar Check Mauritius Check Seychelles Check
Republic of Djibouti Check

Southern Africa

Namibia Check Botswana Check Republic of South Africa Check

Western Asia

Turkey Check Syria Check Israel check
Jordan Check Iraq Check Saudi Arabia check
Yemen Check Oman Check United Arab Emirates check
Cyprus Check Armenia Check Azerbaijan Check
Georgia Check Bahrain Check Kuwait Check
Qatar Check Iran Check Lebanon Check

Central Asia

Kazakhstan Check Uzbekistan Check Turkmenistan Check
Kyrgyzstan Check Tajikistan Check

Eastern Asia

Mongolia Check China Check North Korea Batsu
South Korea Check Japan Check Taiwan Check
Hong Kong Check Macau Check

Southern Asia

Iraq Check Afghanistan Check Pakistan Check
India Check Nepal Check Bhutan Check
Bangladesh Check Sri Lanka Check Maldives Check

South-Eastern Asia

Myanmar Check Laos Check Thailand Check
Cambodia Check Vietnam Check Malaysia Check
Philippines Check Singapore Check Indonesia Check
Brunei Check

Australia & New Zealand

Australia Check New Zealand Check Cook Islands Check


Papua New Guinea Check Fiji Check

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