Twittering Away~

With the recent November 17 update on XBL (Xbox Live), I finally decided to jump the bandwagon (that sounds incorrect? :/ ) and join Twitter. Initially, it was just to test out how it worked on XBL and I didn’t figure I’d be using it all that often, but having since found out that I can use it on both my deviantART profile and on M Dash (instead of the former “recent thoughts/news” box in the sidebar that rarely got updated because it was such a bother) as well, I’ve decided to keep at it.

The news would be as you’d expect: Updates on game progress for those who follow me on XBL, updates on art progress for those who check on dA, and real life updates for the peepz awesome enough to read M Dash~! 8D So I’m trying to mix stuff up so there’s something for everyone.

If you have Twitter yourself, and you’d like to follow my tweets, then feel free to add me: and I’ll be sure to add you right back ;3

I wish they would’ve made the features sound less stalker-ish though… =.=;

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