Learning to Clean Scans

This past month, I’ve been drawing a lot more often as a way of relieving stress and not having my brain melt from all the projects I have going, such as school, exams, searching for a job, planning Genki 2010 with Kurikku and some other Genksters, dying, etc.

However, even after a long time with physical therapy, my fine motor skills are still fucked, which means that while I can draw drafts, I suck at tracing the lines >_> To make matters worse, even after scanning, I had no idea of how to actually clean the scans properly, so my drawings were of pretty low quality (filled with errors and whatnot) and I had no way of colouring them digitally without making the drawing look like the colour had vomitted on the drawing OTL

Having been unable to find any any useful tutorials online (except for one which actually helped greatly on how to set the scanner to remove most of the smudges), I called up Kaiki for some help, since she’s probably the best artist I know (read: “have the phone number of” XP ) and I figured if anyone had a solution, it would be her for sure.

She gave me some pretty simple, but useful, pointers on how to clean scans and I have been playing around with it since. Clicking the below images will lead to their respective deviantART pages where they can be faved

Before After

I still suck at it, and I’m immensely slow at doing it, but I’d like to think it has greatly improved the quality of my drawings. Don’t you agree? So a big thanks to Kaiki for the pieces of advice, and I hope to be able to improve further with the help of other talented artists as well.

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