Damn Exams…

Exams suck ass… I spent all night making the BAAM report and damn near fried my brain (pictured) only to oversleep and not make the hand-in on time because I thought the deadline was at 11 A.M., like it is for AAAAALL the other hand-ins we have, but noooooooo, it had to be at friggin’ 10 A.M.

So what to do? I hand the crap in, rush to school for an assessment test I didn’t study for because I had to write the paper, do stuff for Genki, and a bunch of other crap, so in the end, I just signed my name on the test, handed it in without filling in anything, and got the fuck out of class.

I headed straight back to the student administration to find out where I was with the hand-in, since
a) It’s a qualifying hand-in, so you have to pass it to be allowed to take the 4-hour written exam;
b) if the hand-in is failed, you need to take a re-test so you still have a chance to qualify for the exam;
c) if you don’t hand in, you’re not allowed to do a retake;
d) if you don’t complete the exam, you get thrown out of the programme.

DOMINO EFFECT OF FRIGGIN’ DOOM!!! Luckily, they [the administration] were pretty understanding, so I was given dispensation, however, I still failed the assessment test completely, which is gonna kill my average since a blank paper is a score of not 00, but fricular -3! FUCK!! Now I might fail on that instead!

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