Genki Websites Update Done

Finally done with updating the God forsaken Genki sites after like… just little over 21 hours now. Me and Kurikku spent half the night making the English site; adding content, fixing coding glitches (damn widgets…), uploading images, and whatnot. After that, we had to do everything one more time and translate it into Danish *sigh!*

Kurikku mostly did visuals (gallery, content, design), while I did mostly behind the scenes stuff (coding, grammar/spell checking, rephrasing, and making sure both sites had the same information). It’s absolutely splendid teamwork, if I do say so myself; he’s the front of the convention and I’m the guy in the shadows complaining about the visual editor wrecking my precious coding ;_;

But that’s the way I prefer it, as dealing with people creeps me the fuck out, so I stick with the information aspect of things. In anime terms, he is the the Tamaki to my Kyouya, and Genki is our precious host club ♥

Anywho, before and after shots (click for bigger):

Before After

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