Real-Time Update

I’m super busy, so this is gonna be a mini-update and probably riddled with spelling errors since I don’t have time to correct shiz.

I only have a few days left before I have to hand in my BAAM assignment, and it is totally busting my balls (pic on right). It should have been pretty simple, and it is in a way, I’ve done the analysis procedures, the problem is, I’m not entirely sure what the Hell I’m looking for, so I have to re-read several chapters in my book *LE SIGH!!*

Worse is, I have no way of printing it when it’s done. I ordered my printer a week ago, they aren’t shipping out until like Monday, so I’m totally screwed on that aspect too. Gonna have to ask Aucry if he can print for me. On the bright side, when I finally do get my printer, I have an awesome drawing to scan and upload, which is ♥ or something.

Back to the stress, me and Click are doing a major overhaul on the Genki website. The ‘prototype’ has to be done in like… an hour, and the update and translations are to be done by tomorrow midnight, so I’m pretty fucked with stuff to do.

Oh yeah, did I mention studying for a Jap test on Wednesday, cause I got that shit going for me too. It looks like I’m gonna be ditching making iKnow lists for a few weeks, I never get around to using them because I’m too friggin’ tired after spending hours making them while writing notes.

Oh, and I added the pic on the left in case girls can’t sympathise with the one on the right. It’s an advertisment for shoes or bras or a cellphone, I can’t remember, but there’s a whole series of it. The one on the left is based directly off of the one on the right, since it is a pretty infamous soccer image. Well yeah, gotta jet, stuff to do.

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