This is probably gonna be a super short review, because frankly speaking, the game was a major disappointment. Some of you may recall how super psyched I was about the game back in June, if you’ve been following the blog for that long or just like going through old posts, but the game did not live up to my expectations at all.

The game itself is pretty innovative. You are given a goal that you need to accomplish in order to collect a starite. In order to accomplish the goal, you write objects which then suddenly appear out of thin air, ready for you to use (trademarked objects, anything intangible, and profainity are no-noes though). The concept of this is actually pretty amazing, since it means that you can solve a puzzle in whatever way you wish, as long as you end up with the starite and don’t break the guidelines given for the stage or die.

To show off the inovation and free range of the game, I’ve added the game trailer to the left in which Maxwell (the player character) has to get a starite stuck in a tree. Other than the was shown in the trailer, you could also get a jetpack and fly up an grab it or have a lumberjack cut down the tree with an axe, etc. There are 100s of puzzles to solve, but while it all looks good on paper, in reality, it’s not that much fun or diverse. Why? Because approximately 80% of the levels just require either a) a flying means of transportation, a weapon, and a wetsuit; or b) a leashed Cthulhu to kill every in the level, so that is probably what most people are gonna keep using. Only few stages require you to think outside the box.

A thing I found to be a major issue in the game was the lack of direct control over Maxwell. You control him by simply tapping where you want him to go and he’ll go there. That might sound pretty simply, but often times, he’ll completely spaz out, jump around like a retarded monkey on crack, knock over everything you’ve carefully set up and you’ll have to start all over. Needless to say, that friggin’ suck donkey balls, and I’ve probably had to redo dozens of stages because of the crack addicted monkey ‘tard going ballistic on me when I wanted him to move five milimetres further to the right because he was in the way.

Truth be told, I’ve probably ended up spending more time just writting random stuff in sandbox mode just to see if it exists or trying to make some joke pose, e.g. I had Maxwell be on a boat with two rappers, with emphasis on ‘had’, since he spazzed out, pushed the two other characters overboard, fell in the water, and capsized the boat. Why did this happen? I simply wanted him to move a bit more to the left. DIRECT CONTROL, PEOPLE!!

In the end, I give it 4½ hearts because while I love the concept of the game, the lack of direct control and the extremely high frequency of Maxwell spazzing out making you waste time redoing the level, and the lack of having to use anything other than a jetpack and a shotgun just kills all the fun; it goes stale way too fast. Good for a two-day rental, not for a buy. P.S. No, Chuck Norris wasn’t in the game… =.=;


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