Taking the TOEFL

At time of this being posted, I’ll be entering the room to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) because it is necessary in order for me to go on exchange next year. This is, however, assuming that I am able to pass this school year, and prospects are looking rather grim…

Anywho, I took a shortened mock test on TOEFL’s website, and did decently well (from 60 questions, I had one wrong because I felt it was rather ambiguous), so I hope I’ll get a good score. According to website of the university I attend, concerning the scores and schools, “most good schools require a score of 550 for acceptance, while the best schools require a minimum of 600.

In case I fail the year, it won’t all be lost though; should I be expelled from the Asian Studies Programme, I plan to sign up for the JET Programme (Japan Exchange and Teaching programme) and work as an assistent teacher in English for a year in a Japanese high school. I already have the JLPT level 3 diploma, and I have spoken with my English teacher from my gymnasium days to write a recommendation (since I sometimes teach his classes anyway), so hopefully, I’ll get to Japan eventually XP

So, wish me luck ‘n stuff =3

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