Wagamama and Up in 3D

So, today, I finally kept my promise to Nemu and took her out to Wagamama (a Japanese restaurant that we both love) for dinner. It was super nice, both the food and the company XP However, we both noticed that the size of the dishes were getting smaller and smaller, which is lé suck, but at least it still tasted good (Chicken Katsu Curry ♥)!

We talked about all kinds of stuff during dinner, like our studies, her trip to Japan during the summer, Japanese and Korean dramas, and all kinds of random stuff, which was really cool (she’s super easy to talk to =D), since even though we’re in the same school and line of study (she’s in the year under me), our schedules and actual available time don’t match so well, so we usually don’t get to talk more than a few minutes per week.

After dinner we went to watch to watch the movie Up in digital 3D. By then, the slightly bad weather had turned into a storm, and my umbrella broke on the way… =.=; This is like super-ironic since I was just talking about how much the storm reminded me of the last day of J-Popcon 2008. Anyway, we got to the cinema way early, since Wagamama was almost empty when we got there (which neither of us had expected, so we ended getting seats and food super quickly compared to the usual 30-45 minute wait). But it was cool, we ended up spending the waiting time just talking and listening to music on her MP3 player ^^

I had already seen Up a month ago with Line (also one of my kouhai, also a super cool chick ^^) as I had tickets for the pre-premier, but it is seriously an awesomely funny movie, but deffo better the first time around, since many of the fun parts are so extremely funny because you don’t know they’re coming XD It wasn’t really a movie made for 3D though. Sure, if you paid attention to the details, you’d notice, but most of the movie was still 2D-esque, and in fact, the trailer for Toy Story in 3D used the feature a lot better, in my opinion (then again, maybe they were just showing off XP).

Anyway, all in all, it was super cool day for me, and I hope she enjoyed it too ^^ We are gonna hang out again once A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey comes out in cinemas, since we have a small break between exams there, so I’m totally looking forward to that =D

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