Yokai Attack!

Yiiiiir, I just got this awesome-tastic book in the mail! Well, I actually got it yesterday, but when I got home I fell asleep almost immediately, so I didn’t really have a look through it until a few hours ago. The full title is “Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide” with the Japanese subtitle (seen in the red box) being “Yokai Survival Guide for the Sake of Foreigners“, unless my Jap is a bit off ^^’

It’s a super fun and informative book by Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt(+Ctrl+Del XD), with illustrations by Tatsuya Morino. The illustration are actually really great, and they’ve inspired me to expand my AniBlobs! series with a YōkaiBlobs! series. I actually already drew a Kappa design when I ordered the book XD

Anywho, the book has 42 entries, a few of which have more than one yōkai in it, and is about 185 pages long. Every entry contains general information about the yōkai (name, height, weight, habitat, ‘claim to fame’, how to survive an encounter with it, etc.) as well as an illustration on the entry’s second page. All yōkai and information in the book stem from actual Japanese myth and culture, i.e. nothing was ‘made up’ by the authors just for the sake of the book.

A thing that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ♥ about the book is the page layout. It seriously looks like the book was printed, and then someone went through it and added notes with a pen in the paragraphs, or notes on a post it an put it on the page, stapled a pieced of extra info onto it, attached a drawing to the page with a paper clip, or just glued something on. It works REALLY well with the book and this break from complete page-layout uniformity makes the book itself just seem that much more interesting.

A very nice touch that I also found very enjoyable is the contrast of styles in the more cartoony-ish drawings by the book illustrator, Tatsuya Morino, that are featured on page two of every entry vs. the centuries old ukiyo-e illustrations (often, though not always, by 18th century Japanese scholar and artist of Japanese folklore, Toriyama Sekien) typically seen on page three or four of an entry.

All in all, it’s an absolutely marvellous book. If you want to find out more about it and buy it yourself, you can read more about it on Yokai Attack!’s website. I really hope they make a sort of sequel, since I really missed seeing several semi-famous yōkai in the book, such as the Yuki-onna (and in extension maybe the Tsurara-onna), Yama-uba, Hone-onna, Tsuchigumo, etc. In any case, it’s a great book, go get it! >:3

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