New Art Blog

NB!! A few weeks after writing this post, I killed off the art blog and moved everything to the new on-site gallery here. I’ve kept the post for archive purposes.

Rather than sulking about not being allowed to post at the Daily Draw anymore, after having been asked to leave, and not being able to find another place that seemed just as much fun to be part of, I decided to just start up my own art blog. Like with joining the DD, making the art blog was done mostly because I don’t feel like limiting M Dash to only art posts.

Being a poor student and all, I used what little resources I already had. For that reason, the art blog can be found at, a blog I made ages for testing stuff out and had no use for since. I’m currently in the process of uploading some of the stuff I’ve already made (should be done sometime tomorrow, since I have to study for a test), after which I will begin the daily drawing process.

Anywho, I hope people will follow it and give feedback on the drawings, as it is always nice to know where to improve and how.

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