First Term Assignment

Today, I got the first term paper of the year (in Business Administration and Marketing *AKA* BAAM), which also means that I’ve gone back to posts that I’ve written in advance and set to publish on specific dates. The paper is due on the 21st, so I should be writing more up-to-date stuff by then.

The assignment itself seems more difficult than it probably is, since I missed two weeks worth of classes due to two different illnesses in a row… =.=; And being sick AGAIN on the day we get the assignment totally isn’t helping me either… On the plus side, the assignment is not graded, but just pass/fail. On the other side, it’s the first of two qualifying assignments, so if I fail it, I won’t be allowed to take the 4-hour written exam in spring. Yay for qualifying assignements stressing you out…

Anyway, I’m gonna be hitting me econ books and try to make up for lost time. Thankfully, we have a one-week break coming up, so I’m hoping to be done by then.

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