Hecko Leaves Daily Draw

Just today, I was asked to leave the Daily Draw because of friction between me and some of the other members. It caught me by complete surprise since I wasn’t aware of this, but then again, I am pretty oblivious to a lot of things…

After a short dialogue with Kaiki, where I had asked what I had done to fuck up so badly, she explained that I had pretty much come off as an arrogant know-it-all intent on showing people that I’m right and they’re not and overall was making people feel bad about themselves. Obviously, this was NOT intentional… However, if I really came across that way, then it is fully understandable why some of the members would want for me to leave, so I have no hard feelings about it.

I would therefore like to sincerely apologize for apparently having come off as such a jackass, I honestly feel terrible about it. Had I known that my comments made me appear that way, and that people felt hurt by them, I would’ve STFU. So I’m truly and deeply sorry for any distress I may have caused. I wish the Daily Draw community all the best in the future and much success with their art.

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