Hecko Goes Back to Tennis

And I am failing miserably at it. Anywho, just recently, I decided to go back to play tennis. In my youth, I was pretty awesome at it, winning tourneys and stuff (was the 8th greatest player in the Danish junior leagues), but now, I’m as bad at tennis as this guy is at multitasking. Yeah… Walking, talking, AND looking where you’re going can be tricky as Hell… Anywho, I’ve missed playing tennis for the last year or so, and when I came to the conclusion that getting back in shape would probably help me concentrate better and make me keep my focus longer (which would be perfect for studying), tennis seemed like the obvious solution to all my problems.

I’ve only had time to practice for two days, in without an opponent to play against, I’ve had no other choice but to play against the wall, which I dislike. Despite not being that muscular, I still have a powerful forehand (on the second day of playing against the wall, my tennis ball got crushed, see image on left), but my backhand is simply pathetic… I mean really… If my forehand was the main protagonist in an action movie, my backhand would be “guy at Starbucks #3” or something… Yeah, I’m not entirely sure how that makes sense either…

But as things are now, I’m far from being in the shape I was in back when I was younger, but with a few months of practice, I hope to get some of my old speed, dexterity, and endurance back. And if Kaiki ever returns, I’ll see if they can be applied to other things than just tennis XD Nah, I’m kidding :P but why do I certainly feel like I’ve incurred the wrath of-OH MY GOD!!! NO!! NOOO!!!! NOOOOOOOOooo
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