Joined the Daily Draw

I finally caved after art ninjas repeatedly drew on my face while I was sleeping, and I got tired of washing the muddy footprints off the ceiling… Okay, no, sucky jokes aside, after visiting the Daily Draw so often, I actually started doodling a lot more, which for some reason motivated me to study more, since my brain stays active making me wanna do stuff rather than me just getting bored and thus unmotivated. So “wuhuw!” for motivation =D

Another thing that made me join, despite me previously having turned it down a few times when the artists there asked me (lulz, made me sound important XP), was that I didn’t want that many of my posts here on M Dash to be about art and me drawing, since
a) I doubt that many people would be interested in that;
b) my current M Dash readers (i.e. you. Yes, you. I don’t have anyone else… ;_;) are less inclined to give feedback than they [DDers] are;
c) the Daily Draw specializes in daily drawing posts (duuur, obviously), so why not take advantage of such a great, specialized tool? ;3

So please follow my progress on the Daily Draw, as well as the progress of all the other artists. They’re pretty kewl, and have already given me a warm welcome on my first piece ^^ I was asked to leave after only two days due to apparent friction between me and some of the other users. As a response, I wrote a letter of apology and left.

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