Weekend of Hell…

So, I went to a semester start party on Friday, while still kind of sick; extremely bad idea (my fever spiked the next day), even though I had fun. Anyway, I wake up late Saturday afternoon, and my mom is GONE!! And I don’t mean like “went to the store, brb” gone, I mean “went to Lisbon for the weekend while you were sleeping, be back on Tuesday” gone…

At first, I didn’t think much of it, figuring I had a stocked fridge so I could always just cook something when I got hungry. So I open the fridge and the sannamabitch has the nerve to be friggin’ empty! You know those stereotypical bachelor fridges that have like a jar of pickles, juice, and piece of cheese older than you that you don’t really want to get rid of because you’re afraid it might just eat your hand if you grab it? That was my fridge, except I didn’t even have the cheese *sigh!*

Because of the time, all the stores had closed, not that it would have done me much good since I didn’t have any money to buy food for. You see, my bank is on the verge of going bottoms up, so I more or less emptied my account a few days ago. Not comfortable with walking around my neighbourhood with a few thou’ in my wallet, I told my momz to store it somewhere safe for me. Which she did; in a money box. A locked money box. A locked money box she didn’t give me the keys to before leaving.

So I’m hungry, pennyless, and in pain. Because I had no food, my fever spikes even higher, and my body starts converting muscle into energy, since I have almost no fat (not to imply that I’m buff, I’m just skinny =[ ). Come Monday, I no longer had the energy to get out of bed, so I must’ve slept like 19 hours or something that day, trying to conserve energy. So for the entire duration of like 90 hours, I’ve only had seven pieces of bread, two eggs, a very small pack of noodles I had luckily not eaten during the last Genki meeting, and pack of fries I managed to buy at a grill with change I found at home.

In that time, I lost like 2 kg of muscle and stored great amounts of toxins in my body, since I couldn’t get rid of them in any natural way, so right now, I’m in an amazing amount of pain because of it, my left arm especially. This was only a 3½ day thing, so imagine people in countries with famine and whatnot.

So please, support and donate to help further advance GMO research so that famine can be exterminated without the consequences that are currently the causes of controversy of genetically modified food. If you are against GMO, for whatever reason, then invest in small businesses in poor countries via a great site called myc4.com instead. It’s a sort of reversed auction where the person offering money at the lowest interest rate gets to invest (just go to the site, it’ll make sense to ya).

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