China-Gurl to the… Rescue..?

I made the drawing ages ago for Kaiki’s birthday as an addition to a stuffed animal I got her as a joke gift. The joke is that at some point in time, when we used to hang out, I used to tease her a bit sometimes by calling her the superheroine, China-Gurl (for whatever reason, I honestly can’t recall why anymore). So I saw this cute little stuffed panda holding a heart while browsing in a store and for some reason thought it would make the perfect sidekick for China-Gurl. Yeah, I know…

Anyway, here’s the end result of the drawing:

I referenced the avatar she made of herself ages ago for China-Gurl’s pose.

She seemed to like the drawing enough to ask if I would do more of them (if you like it too, you can fav it on deviantART here). While I told her no at the time, I’ve since heard that she’s having corrective eye surgery, so I might do one as a joke get well card.

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