Young Flaming Ninja – Update 3

The OC is finished, yaaaaaaay~! I’m pretty happy with how it is, so I’m uploading this to If you really like the drawing, be a sweetheart and favourite it on dA. The link to the drawing is here. Thank youz~ ♥

I will eventually make a background, though I’m a bit too busy to be doing that anytime soon, so maybe some time in late October. Reaching this point, I got kinda proud of how good it looked compared to other things I’ve drawn (I mean, seriously…), so I asked Kaiki if she would be interested in doing a collab on it, since we’ve never actually drawn anything together (I used to always turn her down when she suggested making collabs because I was embarrased by my lack of drawing skills ^^’) and I doubt I’ll ever make something as extensive as this again, so it’s probably the only opportunity we have for doing this kind of thing, so I guess I just wanted to do it old times sake or something XD

Unfortunately, she was way too busy with like a gazillion projects (baaaw ;_;), but she said she’d make a fan art doodle instead when she finds the time to do so, so y’all should look forward to that instead. If anyone else is interested in making a background for him instead (Yuan, perhaps..?), then drop me a comment ^^

Anywho, hope you like the drawing so far ^^ And yeah, I do know his wrists look kinda fat, I’ll get to that… eventually =.=;

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