Young Flaming Ninja – Update 2

Made a little progress here and there, but got depressed when I failed at making folds for like the qwantrillionth (is that an actual number..?) time, and then I saw Fan’s awesome drawing and just gave up on it… ;_;

Changes from last time include drawing pants, drawing a left arm, and making the zipper narrower (I’m thinking about getting rid of it entirely, but I dunno). The ‘effect’ of his belt hanging outside the drawing was something I just made for laughs, I might remove it later. I should probably also add details to the pupil to make it look like it reflects more light and make the folds in his sleeves (his arms are slightly bent) different, since they look odd to me. Should I add more shadow in a slightly triangular shape down his forearms or something..? Help, anyone..? D=

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