Young Flaming Ninja – Update 1

The drawing is hiding at the bottom becase it’s shy due to being a WIP =O Please read the text to give it time to muster its courage and show itself ♥

I think the people over at Daily Draw must’ve infected me with a “Wantz ta draw” virus while I weren’t looking or something… No wonder they’re called Art Ninjas O.o Or maybe it’s just because I’ve come to like the bunch and a few of them asked me to join..? (the answer is still regretfully “no“, but thanks anyway, I really appreciate the offers ♥) (EDIT: I caved not even a week after writing this because not only Willie, but also ArcadiaRonin and Kaiki asked me… I’m such a push-over… =.=;)

Anyway, against better judgement as well being influenced by some weird, hypnotic, Korean hip hop music that South Korea linked me to an eternity ago (seen on the right), I for some reason figured that expanding my Young Flaming Ninja drawing, and making it the first (and probably last) piece of art that I went the extra mile for, was a good idea… Damn you, South Korea, sending me songs with intoxicating rhythms to impede my judgement… =.=;

Anyway, I figured I’d do gradual updates showing my progress for two reasons:
1) as a tribute to all the lovely people of Daily Draw;
2) I think it’s gonna be a slow month for me because of school work, so this should be able to keep the blog active as well as fill out the art category a bit ^^’

Also, I know I suck at this since I draw maybe one doodle every three-six months and that I’ve never really coloured anything since I have like no idea of to add shades or take lighting and shadows into account, and I can’t even keep things in proportion (I mean, just look at Genki-Man XD), so there’s no need to tell me all that, aha…ha…haha… ^^’

Well, enjoy (or… at least don’t go blind from the amount of fail XD). Constructive criticism and help is more than welcomed!!

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