First Big Genki 2010 Meeting =D

Yeeeeeah, just got back from the meeting, wasn’t feeling too well, so left early. The meeting actually started yesterday, September 12, and should be ending just about know, as I started writing this.

Long story short, we made pretty good progress on the con, actually planning tentative budgets, what events to have, event placement, time schedule, and much much more. For a few new features this year, we’ll hopefully be having fan-made panels, a live Genki Radio that people can call to using Skype and talk with the hosts, and we’ll also start a Vide-Log thingy called “G-News” so that updates on our website won’t be text-only, but actually have videos of important Genki news and issues (as well as some… not so serious stuff XP). And we are keeping it all at the low, low price of only 150 DKK, which while it is twice the price of Genki 2009, is still the cheapest ticket price for a Danish anime convention, and that is kickass =D

We had a lot of people coming over, which was way nice~! Thanks to that, we really got some work done and covered almost all bases. Kajsa from Sweden unfortunately didn’t come (*heartbreak*), which is why my hair is not purple now ;_; But we did get Heavy (yiiir~, Chinese loverboy ♥ XD) as well as the chairman from Mangakai Lund to come, so it was all good. Kaiki also showed up on Sunday, but I dunno, she seemed kinda distant towards me at times and then at times we joked liked no time at all had passed (I guess we just have to get used to eachother again or something) :/ I hope it was just because she was tired (which I was too…) and not because she thinks I still have romantic feelings for her or something, cause that would make things kinda awkward… But I doubt that’s the case though; Shroomie’s a bright chick, so I think she knows by now that I like someone else and that I’m not interested in her as anything other than a really awesome friend I can be relaxed around ^^ (EDIT: She thought I still wanted to date her… =.=;)

Aaaaaaanywho, my failing love life (or something..?) aside, it was kinda nice seeing her again for the first time in over a year and have the chance catch up a bit. Hopefully, we can do that on a more regular basis (and not just once per year XP). That also reminds me that I should hang out with Heavy more often, and maybe Kajsa too. We’re like the three musketeers of perverted misunderstandings, it’s so great XD Roadtrip to Sweden it is!!

But yeah, back on topic, Genki stuff are going smooooothly for the time being, hopefully that will continue, and we will end up being the best convention in Denmark, yaaaaaay~! Updates on our site, (English version here), should be coming soon, so look forward to awesome videos of awesome. AWESOME, I SAY!

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