Young Flaming Ninja

Okay, so after Arcadia Ronin actually praised my sketch, Some Chick, I was a bit in lala-land since… well, I can’t remember anyone ever having praised something I’d drawn before, so to have an awesome artist be the first is kinda “UWAAA!! =O“. Or maybe she just didn’t want to hurt my feelings, BUT I’M GOING WITH THE FORMER!! >:3

Anywho, it made me wanna draw and post one last thing before resuming the more random way of posting here on M Dash. This is probably the first drawing in years that I’ve really put effort into making, the last one before this being the drawing I made and printed on a T-shirt for Shroomy just before she went to China (I’m actually kinda proud of how that drawing turned out considering how much I fail at drawing, even if it is way too mushy and, in retrospect, kinda awkward >_<). Anywho, that being said, after having made this drawing, it will probably be years before I ever put that much effort into drawing something it again, because I simply don't have the patience to sit and draw for hours XD Well, here goes *unveiling*

Feel free to favorite this on deviantART =D

This is probably my favorite hairstyle (hair covering one eye), since I think it looks good on drawn characters and pretty hawt on real girls XD I dunno why I like girls having that hairstyle, I blame Jessica Rabbit for influencing my childhood XP Since this was my first time actually adding colour and shades, I used a snapshot of Akito from Air Gear (who coincidentally has a similar hairstyle) as reference since I have been following the manga recently and he just popped into my head seeing that in the part I’m at, he recently got ‘tuned’ by a hot asian chick who was riding on a giant, flying penguin *jealous pout* (why does that never happen to me? D=). Well, that, and he just looked so darn adorable in a specific scene in the anime, so when I saw an AMV with that scene in it, I couldn’t help myself XD The snapshot can be seen below.

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