Some Chick

Inspired by the lovely people still active over on The Daily Draw whom I have probably been bugging for a while now (^^’), I decided to draw something myself and try not to fail so hard at it (I… didn’t succeed at that…), but that just goes to show how awesome those people actually are for being able to draw like that, so be sure to give them a visit. While there, also be sure to check out Arcadia Ronin‘s upcoming comic, Werewolf Chronicles, it looks totally promising and I’m so looking forward to it! O.o (Here’s a sketch of Werewolf Chronicles awesomeness). Anywho, here is my drawing of faaaaail XP

Okay, so the drawing actually started with me just doodleing a circle in Macromedia Flash (guess my sub-conscious wanted to ressurect Flaming Ninja). Before I knew it, I had fixed a jawline, added hair, and a pair of eyes, so I figured I’d just go with the flow. I dunno why I picked those colours, but they just seemed to fit. I didn’t colour it in because I have no idea of how to apply proper shading and stuff :/ All in all, it probably took me 5-10 minutes too make, as I simply don’t have the patience for this kind of stuff XD

It kinda seems off somehow, like the distance from her eyes to her mouth and then to her jawline are out of proportion, and that her one eye is dropped a little. But God dammit, I never draw this kind of stuff, how would I know? XD Anywo, just try not to get infected with my failness, but I guess at least that it’s better than this guy XP

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