Kaiki Leaves… :(

Drawing of me, Kaiki, and a giant heart that just came out of nowhere! XD

Today, Kaiki ventures off to China-land to attend the Academy of Arts & Design, Tshinghua University for SIX FRIGGIN’ MONTHS!!! *Sigh…* Anywho, it’s a really high-end university in that field, so I’m really proud of her for getting in, and just hope that she can manage well in class, since I hear it’s hard as Hell.

Anywho, I spent some time with her a few days ago (Wednesday) where I had the chance to give her the farewell present I spent all evening and most of the night making (the drawing on the right, yeah it sucks, but we can’t all be awesome artists like her :P).

Anywho, I had it printed on a large T-Shirt so that she could wear it for when she goes to bed, since I figured it would be way too embarrassing for her to wear it in public XD And for those of you who don’t get the odd hair colour, I used to dye it purple, so whenever I draw myself, I tend to do it with purple hair.

On a less merry note, we also broke up on the same day XD So yeah, it was a tad odd having to give her the T-shirt afterwards, but it was a present I made for her, so I wanted her to have it :P The shirt, not ‘it’, you perverted bastards!! XD Regardless, the 4½ months I spend with her were probably some of the happiest in my life (thus far), so thank you lots sweety ♥ I just hope that when she gets back from China, common sense won’t have kicked in and she’d still be interested in going out with me, bwahahaha!! :P

A still frame of the flash animation I made so I wouldn't forget how long we had dated, edited to have stopped about the time we broke up.

Anywho, we are still on very good terms (obviously, we’re too awesome not to be XD) and I really am proud of all her accomplishments. So Kaiki, thank you for spending your time with me and good luck in China!!! I wish you all the best and look forward to the the day you return, and hope that we can go out again, cause u R of Teh Awesome and me liekz you lots! (^_^) Oh, and just to make you shake your head and laugh: ‘Bom chika wha wha’ XD

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