Kaiki’s Art Blog is Back

All you Kaiki / KaikiFreAk fans may (or may not) have noticed that her art blog, kiraenmo.net, died at some point this summer, since she was a schmuck and didn’t pay for the domain. She actually didn’t even notice it was dead until like a month after it died when I told her… =.=;

Aaaanywho, she bought herself a new domain using the same WordPress theme as Click over on kurikku.net, but is currently modifying it herself (beware, a chick that knows .php O.o lulz). As you can see from the pic, the header fails a bit at the moment (irony, the header is headless XD), as does parts the sidebar, but to be fair, it’s still under development, so it’ll probably turn awesome in the next couple of weeks (assuming she doesn’t start neglecting this one too *poke poke*).

Anywho, be sure to give her website a visit on hybridcage.net and give her lots of support and lubz. If you like her art, which I personally think is pretty amazing *envy*, you can even commision a drawing for a very reasonable price (listed on her site), so you can also support her in that way.

So let’s hope this one get’s to stay. In case people forget the link, no worries, it’s also been added to the links page of M Dash.

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