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aeoc-teacherI am currently sitting in AEOC (‘Asian Economic Organization‘ and err… something with C) and I have never been this bored. Mind you, I had no TV, no radio, no computer, and no telephone for a period of two weeks while doing physical therapy in Serbia, and all that combined was STILL not as boring as this very moment. The teacher is having a lecture and his voice is so low and monotone that within the first three minutes, my head almost slammed into my keyboard from intense “OH DEAR GOD, MY BRAIN IS BLEEDING!!!“-boredom.

Oh god, he just said he had been teaching this class for seven years… Seven years of THIS?! I pity the students… Maybe he had some bastard class the first year which then broke his spirit and love for teaching. He exudes this aura of giving up on the world and lack of care. He says nothing with passion. Kill me now…

He said something about last day of teaching; finally something to look forward to. And a girl just pointed out how the ASP administration fails, they just used last year’s schedule for exams in this year’s compendium. Why must they suck so hard? They even neglected to remove my registration for the re-take exam after I specifically told them (two weeks before the examination date) that I wouldn’t be able to make it, as there were no flights our of Serbia until after the exam. Totally ignored, and automatically failed the year. Thanks for nothing…

We’re now 45 minutes into the class and he is slowly draining me of my will to live D= I’m sitting behind a boxer, maybe he can do me the favour of knocking me out… He makes me feel dead inside ;_; He stresses odd words in odd places ad odd times, it makes no sense and just makes him sound funny. He couldn’t even read the name “Miriam”. Why does he hate me so. Stop asking me questions I don’t know the answer to >_<
Only eight minutes left of class. I tearing up from the boredom. He has a funny slur. KIIIIILL MEEEEE!! T^T

EDIT: Having now come home, eaten, rested, and re-read this thing, I’ve concluded that I am one seriously disturbed individual when bored… >_< But he seriously drained you of energy, you couldn't even get mad at him because you'd be too tired and bored.

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