Back to School

Long story short; despite failing my written Japanese exam, they are gonna let me continue after I wrote a complaint that, in a nutshell, explained how fucktardy they are. If the complaint goes all the way through, I get my grade changed, if not, I have to retake the exam with the current year 1. Aaaanywho, because I’m going back to school, blogging will suffer a little. Reviews will be further between since I won’t have as much time to play games or watch dramas, short video posts and other random stuff will increase slightly to help fill the gaps. However, hopefully I’ll be able to start up the Learning Japanese series again, since I have to review a lot of stuff anyaway.

Just for fun, on the right, you will see the books I had to buy for the fall semester. They cost roughly three months worth of income, after taxes and bills (does not include the money I have to spend on food and other groceries). In other words, I’m in deep debt right now, so if the administration decides to flunk me for no apparent reason, expect to hear news of an insane 20-something-year-old guy snapping and causing mayhem of unheard proportions in the student offices of the Copenhagen Business School! >:3

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