Canon G70 Culture Guide is Weird

canon_wordtank_g70In preperation for my Japanese written exam some time ago (which I FAILED, by the way…) I bought a Canon Wordtank G70, since my other Canon Wordtank went emo and broke down on me. Anywho, the G70 has a lot of awesome features, such as the Oxford guide to British and American culture (second edition).

The guide is meant to be read by people who have no real idea of what American or British culture is like. Considering that, I found it hilarious that is was far from objective. Anyway, I made a short collection of excerpts that I thought funny, weird, or totally subjective/generalizing. Any potential comments from me will be in square brackets and emphasis may be added as an underline.

Heavy Metal

Heavy metal groups and their fans often have long hair, wear leather jackes and dance in a way known as ‘headbanging’ (= moving the head backwards and forwards very quickly to the rhythm of the music). The songs are often about violence and the occult. [not generalizing or anything…]


Jazz is one of the greatest forms of music originating in the US. [Preaching to the choir, mah man! In your faces Jazz hatorz.]

Darth Vader

He breathes loudly [khuuuuuu khiiiiii… khuuuuuuu khiiiiiiiii.]

Dr. Fu Manchu

Dr. Fu Manchu is an extremely clever criminal with a long moustache with ends that hang down [as opposed to ends that hang up, I suppose? If the man was so clever, he should have a gravity defying moustache!].


Most teenagers try drugs before they leave school, and many of them use drugs regularly. [Oooooh snap! We’re all fucking druggies according to Oxford’s guide.]


Drugs are much more widely available now than they were 20 years ago and can be easily obtained from pushers on the streets, in schools, at nightclubs and elsewhere. [so if you didn’t know where to score drugs before, you do now! Lulz, thank you Canon! =D]

And that’s what I got so far. I might make a second post if I can find more lulz in the culture guide.

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