Wenki and Genki News

So, these past two weeks or so, I’ve been busy doing stuff for Genki; most notably making stuff for Genki’s brand-spanking new wiki, Wenki. It has reached a point where I think we can justify making it public and have people helping with adding stuff to it, such as images and videos from the respective cons and events, not to mention descriptions and guides. While the primary focus is on Genki, it is meant to be an overall convention wiki for conventions in Scandinavia.

Of other Genki news, we are gonna be having a major meeting on September 12th-13th (yes, lodging included, that’s how long it’s gonna be) where the planning for Genki 2010 officially kicks off. It’s may seem to some people that we are starting way too early, and there may even be some truth to that, but we are trying to get coorporation from the Swedish Mangakai Lund, Finish Animecon Finland, not to mention sponsorships from Coca-Cola and other international companies + financial support from the European Union, and that shiz takes time!

I’ll try to take some pics and make some vids during the meetings or the breaks and upload them in a post to keep those of you who are interested up to date. Hope things will go well for us.

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