So, where’re the updates?

I know, I know, I promised lots and delivered little… yeah, okay, bad choice of words, and no, that wasn’t “what she said“, you bastards… Anywho, I’m kind of stressed with time, so once again, here’s a list of updates ‘n stuff.

First off, the reason I haven’t updated as often as I have promised, is because I’ve been busy arguing with booking companies, administration offices, trying to help friends out when they needed it, and squished in there somewhere, I’ve had to study for my exam. So I haven’t reeeeally had time to update with anything nor have I had anything interesting to really update with, but I hope that will change when I actually have time to go out and stuff… Anywho, back to business.

My appartment in Serbia is finally complete, and the completion is only about… 2 years overdue. I will make a post/gallery eventually, since my youngest aunt took a bunch of pictures. I was actually surprised at how well my mom decorated the place, considering she usually does stuff like put a table for four up against a corner, pinning two chairs against the wall, and leaving only one of the two other chairs actually usefull in any way, because you can’t sit in the last one without blocking the path into the room.

I’ve been getting a lot of games for my NDS, mostly just to try them out, so in a few weeks I should have some pretty good material for game-related rants. I also have a few for the Xbox 360 and the now somewhat obsolete PlayStation 2.

The animoo rant for last weekend has been delayed due to my studies. I haven’t had time to actually watch a series all the way to the end, nor write anything about it, since my exam takes priority. If I fail, I get thrown out of school! O_O Anywho, with luck, it should be up in about 5-8 days from today.

I’ve finally gotten my refund for the cancelled tickets to Japan. Took forever, 14 mails, 3 phone calls and a couple of threats before I got them back, but I did get… most of them.

Anywho, this will probably be my last post until I (hopefully) pass my exam. So wish me luck!! XD

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