Caption Contest *Cancelled*

I’ve decided to cancel the contest due to lack of contestants. Sorry :/

It’s come to my attention that today is Yuan-chan’s birthday (WUUUUW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ♥), so in that occasion, I’m have the caption contest a bit early, since it’s based on one of her drawings (seen on the right, background story here). To enter, simply save this blank version to your computer, add words in the talk bubbles (can be done in all image editing software, even MS Paint), and upload it somewhere, e.g. (If you upload it to your blog or deviantART profile or similar, then be sure to credit Yuan-chan). Then, add a link to the image in the comment section. All entries will be added to the fan creations page and the one I like the most will get a special feature in a post right here on M Dash. Furthermore, if you have an art-profile somewhere online, I will link back to it so you can get a little bit of extra traffic ^^

For lulz, I tried making one myself:

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