Hail Storm

Yesterday (at time of writing, I don’t know when this might be published), on July 8th, we got hit by a minor natural disaster. It was a rain and hail storm of unseen proportions, not just for me, but also for the people who had lived all their lives here. The hails we insanely big; on average, they were the size of rubber baseballs, but some were as big as small melons. In the video just below, you’ll hear me laughing my ass off, but that’s how I usually deal with stuff that is way over my head; the situation was in fact pretty dire as there was a chance of the hail actually actually smashing through the front window, as it did on many other cars, and seriously injuring us.

We were able to get to some degree of safety at the nearby gas station, but the aftermath was just insane. The roof tiles of many homes were smashed by the hail and the immense raining led to massive water damages. Also, any harvest was smashed to bits by the hail, so a lot of people lost their livelihood and today (the day after), while at my barber’s, I heard of his neighbours who talked about suicide because they are simply unable to manage the costs of the damages to their properties and the loses of what they had grown (tomatoes, watermelons, apples, etc.) which they can no longer sell, as well as being forced to sell of their livestock because they don’t have the means to support them anymore and because they need the money to rebuild.

While my immediate family were among the lucky ones, with only half the roof smashed to crap and only little water damage, the cost of my barber’s family and that of his neighbours were in the thousands of Euro (per family), many of which do not earn more than half of that in a year, before taxes, bills, living expenses, etc. This was an unfortunate event that fucked over a lot of good people… Mother Nature can be a bitch at times.

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