I don’t really know how to justify making this post… so screw justification, just read it.

Through sex jokes online, it has become popularly known that the orgasm of an average pig lasts for roughly 30 minutes. But you gotta ask yourself; what dude(tte? O.o) was sitting with a stop watch while some pigs where climaxing and why was it necessary to figure out how long it lasted..?

Semen: it makes babies and clogs pipes! Apparently, one of the biggest costs dorms have when it comes to maintenance is the changing of water pipes. Why? Because jacking off in the shower clogs them. Dorms have therefore banned shower jacking; the costs were simply too great (in the thousands of dollars, several times each year).

Coca Cola was initially created as a medicine to help drug addicts come off hard drugs and did in fact at one point contain small doses of cocaine, kinda like what they do in drug clinics now. So despite what the Coca Cola companies say, the ingredients HAVE changed since it was initially created. Though, it might have remained the same since it was brand marketed, I dunno…

Also, while it no longer contains drugs, the substitute for sugar found in Diet Coke increases the chances of one getting cancer. Coca Cola Inc. spends millions of dollars each year in the research development of an alternative substitute. So if your parents ever tell you that you should go Diet Coke because all that sugar isn’t good for you, accuse them of trying to kill you and demand a higher allowance because of the mental and emotional anguish you had to endure.

Gay bashers need re-schooling as they apparently don’t understand simple words like “natural“, so I guess they must be pretty ‘tardy. Many gay bashers use the “excuse” that what they are doing is right because God did not create Man to be homosexual and/or that it isn’t natural.

For something to be unnatural means that it doesn’t occur in nature (duh), but if we look past humans, other mammals also indulge in same-sex intercourse, e.g. dolphins and giraffes. So quite obviously, homosexuality is very natural and since animals can’t be anti-religious, this is obviously how God (assuming there is one) intended them to be. So I guess the real logical fallacy here is, can God make a closet so big that even He can’t come out of it?

[Post Edit] As a “fun” piece of trivia, within hours of having written this, while having physical therapy in the sulphur baths, I overheard a guy speaking of exactly this, saying that homosexuality is unnatural and that “you don’t see a bull try to mount another bull.” I was soooo close to shouting from the other end of the bath “Actually, you do, and there are videos of it on YouTube,” but my Serbian wasn’t good enough to understand him or to defend the gay community if he had started aggressively bashing gays, so it unfortunately went unsaid…

Talking about demanding money for the dumbest things ever, the USA has an amazing track record of completely ridiculous lawsuits that actually ends in a win for the people who filled the lawsuit. I recall this one case where a woman was at a McDonald’s and was pissed about something concerning her coffee, so she poured it out on the floor in protest, and after shouting a few more obscenities at the clerk, slipped in the coffee puddle on the floor from a few moments earlier and injured herself. She sued the McDonald’s and won. To read more about cases like this one, go to

And that’s all for now, so have a quick lulz and I might be back with more weirdness some time.

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