Off to Serbia ^^

Hello my lovelies ^^ I’m in an oddly good mood while writing this, which is all thanks to Michi to You All by Aluto. Anywho, later on today, I’ll be leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again, as I am going to Serbia for the summer yet again ^^ The reason I don’t know when I’ll be back again is because I have no idea of whether or not I’ve passed my written Japanese exam. If I passed, I’ll be away until about mid-August-ish, but if I failed, I’ll be back already late July in order to take my retake examination.

Anyway, since my family in Serbia doesn’t own a computer, I won’t be able to post anything while there unless I can get to borrow someone elses computer and dial-up Internet (we’re that old-school XD). In preperation for this, however, I’ve written a bunch of posts in advance and scheduled them to be published on specific dates to prevent the blog from loosing audience while I’m gone. A new post should be published every three days, so the next post will be on July 8th, then July 11th, and so on.

I’ll try to take as many pics as possible, as I promised Kat I’d do that, since she won’t be able to go back to Serbia this year. I’LL TAKE HAWT PICS FOR YOU, I PWOMISE!! ♥ Anywho, I’m off, wish me a safe trip and that I don’t die during the Spartan physical therapy or something XD

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