Scribblenauts!? O.o

So, my Xbox 360 recently got the Red Ring of Death, and of course it happened three weeks after the warranty expired… Anywho, with nothing to do and with no printer to print out the returns label from UPS or the receipt, I went over to Random’s place to have some fun. After catching up and whatnot, we decided to go to MickeyD’s. On the way, we started talking about random things like girls, games, and tournaments; the regular guy stuff. He then tells me about this insanely incredible emergent NDS game called Scribblenauts. He heard about it from Podcasts and E3 videos, and from what he told me, it sounded amazing! I looked it up today on their website, found a few videos on YouTube, and here it is…

Trailer #1 E3 Demo

Like their catchphrase says, it really DOES seem that you can solve everything by writing anything. Profanity and objects that are trademarked does not seem to work though, so a Coca Cola vibrator is probably out of the question, but stuff like the Kraken, God, and even Longcat, have all been implemented in the game. Only your imagination (and trademarks) seems to be the limit! I’m so gonna get this game and try to complete everything with Chuck Norris, if possible XD

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