Genki 2010, Initiate!

I must be out of my mind… I’m still quite literally beat up from Genki 2009; bruises everywhere, gashes on my right leg which I’ve only just recently been able to walk on again since my spine got all fucked up because I lacked rest, and now, I’m already planning Genki 2010 with the rest of the organizers. I am insane, just insane, it’s the only possible answer, duuu duuudududududu.

First meeting is on this coming July 4th, but Eskdecay, Click, and I have already talked together and made the Danish website which debuted 2 hours and 4 minutes 5 minutes ago, as I write this, and we moved the old one into an archive. We’re gonna have English and Swedish language sites up as well, eventually. Hopefully, Genki 2010 will be even more awesome than this year’s Genki was!

Edit: English site is now up. See it here!

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