Genki 2009; Day Three

Genki 2009
Day One Day Two Day Three

Wuuuw, final day of Genki 2009 and people seemed to have loved it thus far. I was up all night on reception duty, but made a MickeyD’s run with Kurikku, Heavy, Miv, and… Embirk, I think was the last one in the car. Anywho, with nothing better to do all night, I ended up doing rounds and taking pictures of all the pashiri who had fallen asleep in the various rooms. I’d upload the images, but they’d kill me XD

I don’t remember much of the early morning though, other than sleeping on J-Walk’s air-madrass and talking with Heavy. When I woke up an hour later I was freezing like hell, so I went back down to the reception were I got pampered by Jill and the other girls, so that was nice ^^ I gave them all big hearts ♥ (pic by Jill) I also finally got around to talking to 海砂 (read: kaisa, lit. “sea sand”, as in the sand collected at the bottom of the ocean) who has awesomecolours in her hair! (pic by Zarsu) =D And who hopefully won’t kill me for adding a pic of her ^^’ But she’s cool; she likes purple, is perverted, has an odd sense of humour, what’s not to love? XD And the colouuuuurs, uwaaaa O.o

Anywho, after getting warmed up and having a three-way with Heavy and Yoshi (lulwat? O.o) (pic by Jill), I went with Kurikku to make the presentation on the Japanese language. It… didn’t not go so well, we should’ve prepared better. Actually, we should’ve prepared, period. We sucked =_=; FORGIVE US, PEOPLE WHO HAD TO LISTEN TO US!! ;_;

After that it was time for the closing ceremony were the last of the prizes were handed out, a few speeches given, and I got pulled on stage for sheer awesomeness, but looked like a totalt doofus XD Well, I got pulled up because I had helped lots and done a lot of work for the con, so they pulled me up to show me of and gave me three, I repeat, three, not one, not two, but THREEEEEEE kilograms of candy! I lubz you guys and gals ♥ *tear* But it was kind of odd getting applause from the audience, when only maybe 10 people (of the 200-ish that were there) knew who I was, and probably no one knew that I was the one answering the inquiries sent to the info mail, or that I added the news to the website or translated everything used on the English website, or helped organize and plan the con, or kept tabs and in touch with all the groups, etc. :/ But thanks all the same ^^ I just wish all the other organizers could’ve been pulled on stage as well, since they have also put a BUCKLOAD of effort into helping make the con totally awesome by organizing their parts of the con, being responsible and confident about it, not to mention doing footwork and making deals and whatnot. It was fun working with all you gals and guys ♥

Aaanywho, after the closing ceremony, we had one more discussion type panel where we also looked at anonymous feedback and a more concentrated audience (in the sense that there were fewer with more direct input). So we are definitely gonna take all this feedback into consideration when planning next years con, which we started doing only a few minutes after we had closed the con at 5 PM and finished cleaning up. Many of the pashiri and organizers stayed behind for celebratory pizza and soda and we then went our separate ways. I went home with the lovely Swedes, Heavy and 海砂 since I take the same train. While waiting for the train, I managed to impress them by picking 海砂’s combination lock, since Heavy thought I was bluffing when I said I could do it XD

All in all, it was a faaaantastic con, and if some of the testimonials are to be believed, the best con Denmark has had so far (not bad for our début, huh? XP), despite a few flaws that we hope to correct for next year. I’ll eventually add a conclusion/analysis as well as a video and image gallery post. Look forward to it ;)

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