Genki 2009; Day Two

Genki 2009
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I had hoped to get a full night’s rest at home, but had no such luck, so I showed up pretty tired early Saturday morning having slept only perhaps 1½ hours. I had reception duty today as well, but switched responsibilities with Jill, my partner in crime, since she had to work on the computer and prepare for her quizzes, so I was the one doing rounds today.

Last night, we had Otaku Hour, which is only for the real hardcore. Being at home, I obviously didn’t witness it, but it consisted of having to drink 1½ litres of Coca Cola as quickly as possible. The guy who won felt preeeeetty sick afterwards and threw up XD Mission successful.

Today was the “traditional” day for the cosplay competition (as set by J-Popcon, which people have now grown accustomed to), so the theatre hall was a beehive of Genksters buzzing around trying to get everything ready for the show. Before that, however, there was a discussion panel about Genki. Kurikku was meant to be the host, but since his replacement at the supermarket fell ill, he had to go to work, so the job fell on me, Jill, and J-Walk, our cashier. As luck would have it, just when the panel was about to start, Nemu came by to see me because she is leaving for Japan in a few days. It sucked so bad that I had asked her to come, and then when she showed up, I had no time for her; made me feel like such a bastard D= I should take her out to dinner and apologize when she gets back… Anywho, I digress. The Genki panel turned out to be a good idea, since it let us get in touch with the participants and get precious feedback on what they though was good and not so good, so that will help with the planning for next year.

After the panel was over, I hurried down so that at the very least I could walk Nemu to the station. I just hope I wasn’t interrupting anything, since another guy seemed to have gotten the same idea ^^’ Anywho, after that, I helped setting up for the cosplay contest, but didn’t stick around to watch it, since “a Genki-Man‘s job is never done! >:3” I heard it was awesome though, and as soon as we finish editing the video, I’ll add it to this post. As something remarkable though is that the cosplay show started on time, which marks Genki 2009 as the first Danish con to have ever managed that.

After the cosplay contest, we had an array of events, only few of which I witnessed. The ones I saw were
•the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm tourney won by Chrissy’s younger brother (I participated as well, but had only learned how to play like half an hour before the contest started)
•the Karamelldans marathon which you can see a video of here (only the first round, the winner endured 11 rounds)
•and finally, the Street Fighter IV tourney which I won, but had to pass on the prize since I was an organizer. This was essentially fine with me, but I wish that I could’ve been the one actually giving him the prize then >_< I think we recorded the SFIV tourney, so I'll add the video eventually, if we did.
All in all, another long, exhausting, yet awesome day. Tonight, I have a night shift as well, so let’s hope the first casualty won’t be me dying from fatigue O.o

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